Maple Wood Bats – Who Makes the Best

The people who make the best maple wood bats do only one thing, they make wood bats. Yes, they specialize in making maple, ash and birch wood bats. And when you specialize in only one thing, you better be good or you won’t last long.

This company is the Phoenix Bat Company, and they are not just good, they are the best. Their products are superior to any other wood bats made. Why do I say this you are wondering? Let me tell you.

Wood Selection

It starts with their wood selection. The wood mills tell Phoenix Bat Company that they are the pickiest of all the bat companies. Other bat manufactures accept the lumber that they reject. Phoenix Bats proudly uses only the finest Rock Maple, Yellow Birch and Northern White Ash wood for their bats.

Best Lathe

Next comes the making of the bats. This company creates all their bats with the most advanced lathe in the bat industry. They are the only bat manufacturer to have it, because they care. Remember, when you only do one thing, you better do it better than anyone else.

This particular piece of machinery not only cuts the wood to exact precision, it then immediately sands the bat. This results in consistent maple wood bats every time the same model is made. Few other manufacturers have lathes even close to this, and those few only use it for their professional players’ bats.

The Phoenix Bat Company treats all players equally.  Everyone player is a pro in their eyes. Which leads us to another reason they are the best wood bat company in the world, every order is freshly made. Your bats are not made until your order comes in.

All other bat manufacturers make bats and then later on apply the finish. This process lets extra moisture or dryness occur, depending on the conditions. With the Phoenix Bat Company your order does not start until your request is placed, and then the process is done in one continuous process. 

Risk Free Guarantee

This process of selecting only the finest wood, using the most advanced machinery, and order processing produces the highest quality bat that can be made. They are so sure you will agree they off a Risk-Free Guarantee. When you order be sure to check the details.

Maple, Ash or Birch? Which Is Best?

You can order a maple, birch or ash bat. Which is the best to choose? Very good question. According to this bat manufacturer, maple wood bats are the strongest all around bat type, but they have a higher tendency to break from hits on the end of the bat.

The birch bats are closer to the maple bats in strength. And they have less of a tendency to break from miss hits all over the bat then the maple or ash.

And the ash bats have a larger sweet spot than the other two, but have a higher tendency to break on miss hits off the handle.

So, which is the best? My choice would be maple wood bats. But let me tell you, you cannot go wrong with any of the three. And when you get a Phoenix bat, you’ll see and feel the difference. Yes, it is the best wood bat made.

Approved By Major League Baseball

Here’s another vote for the Phoenix Bat Company, they are an approved major league bat manufacturer. And only the finest bat companies receive the approval of MLB.

So you are thinking ok, this bat company is good, maybe even very good. But I don’t want to spend any more than I have to on a wooden bat. 


Before you read this article had you ever heard of the Phoenix Bat Company? Probably not, because they don’t spend a lot of money on advertisements or paying pro players endorsement fees. They stick all of their money into research and the finest machinery made. This allows them to be very competitive priced.

Oh, and I forgot to mention you can get custom made maple wood bast, or ash or birch, from them. But I have rattled on too long. Check out their website for the details.

Shop Premium Wood Baseball Bats

Final Word

In conclusion I want to tell you that yes, you can get the best maple wood bats and at the lowest prices. Click on their link and learn more about them or to place an order. Be sure to tell them Vic sent you. Thanks.

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