Coaching Tee Ball From the Start

 Hi Coach, Good Luck this Season

Hi Coach. Yes, you now wearing a new hat called coaching tee ball. It is probably not a hat you had planned on wearing, but none the less you are now coaching youth baseball.

And just like the kids that start with t ball, this is a great place to begin your coaching career.

Guess What? Everybody's New To T Ball

Most of your players will be new to t ball and most of your parents will be new to t ball. So relax. Even though you are now the expert in their eyes, they come to you eager and open minded.

You will have to try real hard to mess this thing up. At this age everyone just wants to have fun, and that is what we are going to help you with.

First off, at the bottom of this page we give you two links to other pages on this website. One is a page about your first t ball practice and some practice drills.

And the other page is about your first t ball game. After reading this page we highly recommend you visit those pages.

Coaching Tee Ball First Contact By Phone

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Now some advice about coaching tee ball. You may or may not know some of your players and their parents. Either way, communicate with them as soon as possible.

We suggest your first contact with a parent should be by phone. This is the best way to introduce yourself and to pass on some information.

After the first phone call, communicating to the masses by email is very acceptable. Hopefully your league provided you email addresses with your roster.

If they didn’t, be sure to get them on that first phone call. And if the league did give you the email addresses, be sure to confirm those. People change email addresses frequently.

And there may be more than one email address that they want used. Mom and dad may not live together, but both need to be kept updated on practice times and game schedules.

Or maybe Grandma will be bringing the player to practice. It would be nice to keep her updated also. Coaching tee ball is a lot easier when everyone is well informed.

Be Sure To Attend the Coach's Meeting

Your league will probably have a coaches meeting that you should attend. There are a couple of things you will want to ask about if they are not talked about.

One is the league t ball rules. All leagues have different rules for t ball and it is nice to know them.

In my first t ball game coaching, our team started in the field and got the first three batters out. Since I thought three outs completed a half inning, I had our players run off the field. The umpire informed me that everyone bats 10 batters each half inning. I felt pretty stupid.

You also want to learn how the league cancels games due to bad weather. Nothing worse than your whole team shows up at game time and nobody else is there.

The game was called and you forgot to check your email. And be sure and tell your parents to check their email before they leave for games on cloudy days. It may not have rained at their house, but 10 miles away it poured at the fields.

We sure hope these tips will help you in coaching tee ball. You are going to do just fine. Seeing kids get their first hits and mom and dad cheering is a big reward for the time you will be spending. You will be making friends for life.

Here is a listing of our T Ball articles. Each one is different and offers valuable information on coaching t ball. We think it is beneficial to read each one.

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Coaching Tee Ball From the Start

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Good Luck!

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