Baseball Hitting Drills - Hand Eye Coordination

Hitting a Baseball harder than Hitting a Golf Ball

Have you ever tried to play golf? It's a tough game to learn. It's all about using good hand eye (or eye hand, whichever way you like to say it) coordination.

And guess what! The golf ball is laying still on the ground. You get to take your time approaching the ball and getting ready to swing. Everybody gets real quiet. And it's still hard to hit the ball good.

If you meet a golfer, ask him if he would like to wear a helmet while hitting the ball. And try hitting the ball as it comes flying at him. Yeah, and people are yelling at you. Hitting a baseball is way tougher.

So, what's it going to take to keep you playing baseball and not golf? Practice and lots of it.

Just like the best golfers are those who practice the most, the best hitters in baseball are also the hardest working hitters.

Baseball Hitting Drills Tip

The single most important thing about hitting a baseball is hand eye coordination.

You know the old say, “See the ball, hit the ball”. Yeah, that still holds true.

Oh, there are lots of other things that affect your swing, like stance, hand position, hip rotation, and so on. But “see the ball, hit the ball” has to come first.

So how do you improve your hand eye coordination? Practice baseball hitting drills that involve hitting a moving object.

Yes, swing a bat at a moving target.

 Check out what his eyes are watching

Then again, again, and at least a 100 more swings a day. That is my way of saying you need to work hard.

Pitchers work hard to throw faster and learn new pitches.

So guess what, you have to out work them.

There are many different baseball hitting drills that you can use to help your hand eye coordination.

And as long as they involve hitting a moving target, then they will help.

Any drill that gets your eyes and hands working together will improve your hitting.

Soft Toss

The one I like to use best is soft toss.

If you are not sure what this is, have you seen at a little league park someone sitting off to the side and tossing the ball in the air at the hitter?

And the batter hits the ball into some type of netting. Well, that is soft toss.

A couple of safety points. First, make sure the tosser is not in a position to be hit by a ball off the top of the bat.

Make sure the tosser is far enough away to not be hit by the swing. And make sure no one is behind the netting in case the ball flies over the screen.

You can use any type of ball for soft toss.

For safety reasons, it is better to use something softer than baseballs, like tennis balls or tee balls.

And whenever swinging a bat, be very careful no one is close by.

One of my sons had his front teeth flattened by a baseball bat. It is very scary, so please be careful.

OK, back to batting practice.

The tosser can the throw the ball a little higher for change ups, and he can throw the ball inside and outside to work on those swings.

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Find a Hitting Buddy

If you are feeling comfortable with your swing, then you really do not need anyone watching and evaluating your swing.

Once you have the balls and netting, it is free baseball drills after that.

There are probably other players in the neighbor who would like to trade off tossing and hitting. Hey, they might even share in the cost of the netting.

Soft toss can wear out the batter, so trade off or take plenty of breaks. You want your swings to be just like the ones you will take in a game.

If you are getting tired and not giving it your best, relax and get a drink. Practice is only good if it is good practice.

One Handed Soft Toss

Another one of the great baseball hitting drills to use with soft toss is hitting the ball with one hand.

They have these shorter training bats that you swing with one hand. Just google one handed bat and you will find some.

You swing these bats with your front arm.

So if you are a right handed batter, then you would swing with your left hand only.

Put your right hand down by your side. From the left side just the opposite.

This hitting drill will help you with the speed of your swing, and also help with your power.

Take about 10 swings with this bat, take a break, and then take 10 more swings.

This will wear you down faster than normal swinging, but it is great batting practice.

The next video is a quick example of doing the one hand toss. It's just two minutes long and worth the time.

Take 100 Swings Everyday

Try to take soft toss practice everyday.

If you get a 100 swings in with soft toss everyday, you should be seeing great results in about two weeks, if not sooner.

Let me tell you, baseball hitting drills will pay off.

OK, fast forward a few weeks.

There are two outs and the tying run is at first.

You are now ready.

Go up to the plate with a lot of confidence.

Good luck.

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