Coaching Little League Baseball

So you have decided on coaching little league baseball and now you are wondering what you got yourself into.

First of all coach, yeah that is what the kids are going to call you, be ready for a big roller coaster ride.

There are lots of ups and downs with coaching youth baseball.

But if you do things the right way, then there will be more ups than downs.

What is the right way you ask?

OK, I’ll give you my tips on coaching little league baseball.

Coaching Little League Baseball Tips

Be Prepared

 Be prepared for baseball practices and baseball games

First of all, always try to be prepared.

For an example, show up at practices early and have a practice plan.

Be prepared and know what drills you are going to run.

As early as possible in the preseason, pick a couple of parents to be your assistant coaches and also have them prepared before practice.

Speaking of practices, give parents the following information about practices:

  1. 1. An address where practice is going to be. This helps GPS users.
  2. 2. What time practice starts and ends.
  3. 3. What attire the players are to wear. (for example – no shorts)
  4. 4. Will water be provided or should each player bring his own?
  5. 5. If their child will not be able to attend, please let you know ahead of time.

Communicating with parents is very important. Because of the weather, there can be a lot of last minute changes to give parents.

After the first phone call introduction to parents, email is an acceptable way of communication. Just be sure you have every email address.

Be sure to ask for an email address for both mom and dad. You and your wife may always communication with each other, but not all families are that way.

Be Straight with the Players and Parents

My second tip on coaching little league baseball is being straight with the parents and players.

Pretty much, if you always do the right thing, then being straight is not that hard.

By always doing the right thing, I’m talking about playing time, positions, and the batting order.

I know this subject may seem so obvious, that you feel like you will have no problem being fair with playing time.

But wait until that big game comes along and it’s time for your big hitter to sit half the game.

Decisions get tougher once the games start.

Depending on your age group, and level of play, you may deal with these issues on an earned basis or everyone plays the same amount basis.

If playing time is based upon playing performance, then be sure everyone knows this.

And if you say playing time is going to be equal for everyone, then still to that.

Both methods have their time and place. Just be open and fair with both.

If Johnny is playing a little more than Billy because Johnny’s dad is helping you, then say so if you are asked. But you are just going to have to be a diplomat on these subjects.

Parents get very bent of shape over these issues. It’s hard, but be as fair as possible. As the old saying goes, you can’t please everyone all the time.

Always "Keep your Cool"

 Don't be this coach

And my third and last tip for coaching little league baseball is “keep your cool”.

Don't be the coach on the left.

You can never imagine all the things that are going to happen and that seem so negative to your team.

Just like your players are learning how to play baseball, little league umpires are learning how to call games.

They make mistakes, and it seems like the mistakes happen at the worst time for your team.

But remember, you are a role model for your players and your parents. Many times I seen parents go crazy once they see the coach getting mad.

You are responsible for your team’s actions and the actions of your parents. The best way to keep them in check is by leading a good example of sportsmanship.

Little league games are meant to create fun. Try to remember that.

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