Fun Baseball Drills and Games

 These fun baseball games will bring a smile.

We try to describe every baseball drill on this website in a manner that will make the drill fun. However, first and foremost, all of them have a useful learning or practical purpose.

The same isn’t quite as true about the following two fun baseball drills. They are more slanted towards the fun side than the learning side.

Having said that, there is a time and place for relaxing in baseball.

How many times have you and your players had to sit around waiting on umpires before a game? The players get antsy and probably are going to get in trouble with you.

Won’t it be better to have a fun baseball drill for them to play?

Or maybe you have had to play a string of games over the last few days. You know the boys need to throw the baseball around a little, but you don’t want to have a hard practice. Pick one of these two fun baseball drills and let the boys practice and relax at the same time.

Also be sure to check out our page called “Fun Baseball Games”. It has two other great fun things to do in baseball.

Baseball Tip – The Game of Pepper

The game of Pepper is probably the oldest of fun baseball drills. There are film footages of players back in the 1920’s playing Pepper. Even today you will see lots of little league teams playing the game.

It is a simple game or drill to play. One player or coach, with bat in hand, stands in front of a group of five to seven players, who are in a line. The coach or player with the bat (batter) should probably be about fifteen feet away from the line of players. The players in the line should be about five feet spread apart.

 A Game of Pepper

One player in the line will have a baseball. He starts the drill by tossing the ball towards the person with the bat.

The batter then hits a ground ball or line drive to a random player in the line. Those players can have gloves or not, depending on how hard the baseball is going to be hit back.

The player catches the ball or fields the ground ball and tosses it back at the batter. Again, the batter hits a ground ball or line drive to a random player.

And the drill just keeps on going. Players in the line are removed when they miss a ground ball or line drive, or make a bad toss back to the batter.

The game continues until there is only one player left in the line.

Baseball Tip – 2 Ball Toss Game

This is a good pre-game drill. It gets the players concentrating on baseball and also helps with their hand eye coordination skills. Fun baseball drills like this can really help a team’s chemistry.

Teams that have fun together will communicate better in the field, and it is a lot more fun knowing your teammates are pulling for you.

You can play this game with five to nine players. The players get into a circle, only a few feet a part from each other. Each player, except the “starter”, has one baseball and no gloves or bats.

The “starter” has two baseballs, one in each hand. The “starter” starts the game by tossing one of his baseballs to another player. This player in turn must toss the baseball he originally has, before catching the baseball that was tossed at him.

Players are not allowed to switch the baseball from hand to hand. In other words, the hand they catch the baseball with is the hand they must toss the baseball with. And, players are not allowed to move their feet.

So the rules are:

1) You must toss the baseball you have before catching a baseball tossed to you.

2) You must toss the baseball you have with the same hand as you caught the baseball with.

3) You must make good tosses to the other players.

4) You must not move your feet. Any violations of the rules and you are out of the game. Last man standing wins.

Break the Ice

So go ahead and tell your players about these drills. Everyone needs a break in the action, and these two fun baseball drills will help loosen up your team.And again, here is the link to the other Fun Baseball Games.

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